A Dry Spray to Bouffe up your hair


Bouffe Dry Spray adds volume and texture to hair in need of a little oomph. Spritzed into roots, it gives lift and literally ‘bouffes’ hair up, helping avoid that flat, pancake look that does no-one any favours. I prefer to use it on the underneath sections of my hair as I’m not blessed with the glossiest of manes and like to retain what little shine I have. It’s available in different colours, but none were quite right for my hair, so I opted for the clear ‘all hair colours’ version and am happy that I did. I like that it’s invisible in my hair and can imagine that the amount I use could end up getting a bit messy if it were coloured. Anyone hoping to postpone getting their roots done may prefer the coloured option! The volume this offers lasts reasonably well for everyday use, but for a special occasion, I think it works best in tandem with the matching fixing spray.


Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to take before and after pics, but the texture and lift in Nicole’s hair above is (coincidentally) a good illustration of the effect that the dry spray gives - slightly lived in, semi-matte volume. Available from light blonde and silver through to black, it also acts as a dry shampoo, without feeling too chalky or weighing hair down. Have you tried this type of product in your hair?

Bouffe Dry Spray £5.99

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