Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Mask


Regardless of skin type, most of us have thirsty skin that looks and feels best when well hydrated via healthy eating, drinking water and using the correct skincare products. Most of us also have days when we want instant results, which is when I reach for a hydrating mask like Bioderma Hydrabio. For hydration, I like a lightweight mask that sinks in quickly and allows me to get on with whatever I’m doing. I’m usually up to my eyes with something or other - with little time to sit around waiting for the magic to work (more’s the pity) - so a light fluid texture that quenches where it’s needed most is right up my street.

Bioderma’s Hydrabio Mask is designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin, feels immediately soothing and refreshing on application and leaves my skin looking brighter and feeling happier. You know when you apply a product and can almost hear your skin say ‘Ahhhh….’

This mask should be applied in a generous layer post-cleansing, left on for 10 minutes and any excess removed with a cotton pad; this can be repeated for 7 days, then once or twice a week as required. Personally, I just use it when I need it most, around twice a week, for as long as I like (so long as it’s a minimum of 10 mins this doesn’t really matter). I usually find that my skin drinks it all up and there’s no excess left to remove.

Bioderma Hydrabio Mask £14.50

Does your skin ever feel thirsty?

ps this mask also works well after a long flight or the morning after the night before.

pps If you’re interested in trying Hydrabio, I’m also a fan of the H20 Micelle Solution and Cleansing Cream from this range, all available here

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