Antonia Burrell Pure Therapy Facial Serum


Antonia Burrell is a holistic skincare expert specialising in plant therapy. I started using her Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum when my skin was feeling simultaneously hydrated and congested, with those irritating, stubborn under-skin bumps. The three key properties of this serum are balancing, calming and anti-blemish, so if you’re prone to breakouts or have oily skin and are nervous about trying an oil-based product, this may be a good place to start.

As the name suggests, the texture is mid-way between an oil and serum, more towards the oily side. It’s dispensed by a pump and the spa-like scent is incredible; I use 2 drops for my face and neck. I noticed a very quick difference in terms of skin calming - within a few days of use, the little bumps below my skin’s surface had reduced. The formula includes plant extracts to balance, de-stress, heal scar tissue and reduce redness. The serum is available in another formula called Radiant Light, to address uneven skin tone, pigmentation and scarring.


I’ve been using Pure Therapy every night between cleansing and moisturising for several weeks now and really enjoy having it as part of my routine. Antonia Burrell products are available at Urban Retreat, Harrods and all sound incredible! Find out more about the range at 



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