He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan

He_Shi_Rapid_1_Hour_tanI’ve had a long term love affair with He-Shi self tan and declared the Dark Foaming Mousse my favourite last Summer. Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan is the newest release from the brand - and I’m besotted. I’m rarely organised about self tanning and often don’t even think about it until the last minute, when I realise that my company for the evening may require sunglasses to avoid the glare from my skin.

This happened today and I wasn’t even going anywhere special, but it was hot, I was wearing a cami top and felt pasty. A two minute application of He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan left me looking like I’d just stepped off the plane from somewhere exotic. As far as I know it only comes in Medium to Dark - and if you want a lighter colour, you just wash it off after the first hour, though personally I’d use a different tanner if you’re uber pale or only want a light golden tan. This gives a proper holiday glow… in fact the first time I used it I was asked twice where I’d been on holiday (this was before I went on holiday!) and both people (one a beautician) were amazed that my colour wasn’t natural.

This is a very runny liquid which basically looks like black coffee (like the original He-Shi Express Tan - this one just works even faster). Application with a mitt is essential - I pour a small amount directly onto the mitt, apply to skin, then repeat with the same amount for each matching limb. There is enough time to blend before this sets, though not loads, so don’t hang around. It is tinted, so you can see exactly where you’ve done (just me that forgets and re-tans the same limb otherwise?) and gives an instant wash of colour, so you’re good to go even during that first hour while it’s developing. I never wash it off after an hour - I just leave it all day/evening and have a shower before bed to avoid staining the sheets with the colour guide. The smell is average - there’s a slight whiff when it develops but it’s not overpowering, doesn’t bother me and is gone once I’ve showered. 

The final colour is an incredibly natural looking deep golden olive with zero orange tones - it looks very even and lasts around 5-7 days on me before I need a top up. Oh, my latest discovery for foolproof even colour is to go over the final application with a clean, dry tanning mitt. This has a similar effect to using a kabuki or buffing brush to finish your foundation - removing any excess, evening things out and buffing the usual dodgy areas: hands, feet and elbows. I do recommend using a moisturiser on these areas pre-application to avoid build up on dry patches and dilute the intensity a little. I’ve tested this with an all over body cream application prior to use and found it didn’t work as well as when my skin was perfectly dry. You know the score re exfoliating in advance etc, but if you’re nervous about self tanning, you can read more of my tips in a recent article I wrote for City Guide here. It’s also worth adding that if you’re a novice or not in a hurry, the Dark Foaming Mousse is probably a little bit easier to apply.

Well I got a bit carried away there, didn’t I? That’s what happens when I’m bowled over by a product. So much for starting the second series of Orange is the New Black this evening.

He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan costs £22.50 from Space NK

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