WOW: The Best Hair De-Frizzer


It’s not often I devote an entire blog post to one product, so when I do, you know I mean business.

Fighting frizz is my greatest hair challenge and I’ve recently discovered the best de-frizzer and smoother I’ve ever tried: One Minute Transformation Styling Cream by Colour Wow.  My hair tends to look fine when I’ve just styled it… I can look in the mirror and feel quite smug at the smoothness my blow drying has achieved. An hour later, I’ll nonchalantly stroll past a mirror and recoil in horror at the frizz fest on my head.

I’m not sure exactly how this product works so much better than others, but it does: “A lightweight blend of humectants penetrates hair to replace natural oils lost to chemical treatments, blow-drying and daily stress”

The texture of the product feels thick and creamy, like a regular conditioner… I warm it in my hands and comb it through with my fingers, concentrating on the mid lengths to ends of my hair, then lightly sweep any excess over the rest of my hair surface, including crown and fringe. If you wish, you can then go on to re-blow dry your hair for extra smoothness (I imagine a little more product is required for this). I haven’t felt the need to do so as the product alone just fixes my hair, removing any puffy, bouffy bits, calming frizz and making my mane look smooth and well behaved again. It doesn’t weigh it down (my usual bug bear) or make it feel sticky - and it smells delicious - that lovely fresh salon hair scent.

I don’t think I can say any more, except that if you’ve got the frizz, you need this in your life.

Colour Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream costs £16.99 at Feel Unique HERE, with a free 30ml travel size & free delivery.



Colour Wow One Minute Transformation

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