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I test a lot of skincare, most of which doesn’t make it to my bathroom shelf, let alone these pages, so I get a bit excited when I discover new (or new to me) products that are both a total pleasure to use - and deliver. Take a bow, fabulous foursome.

Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser is one of the most gorgeous (and well priced) skincare products I’ve ever tried. If I didn’t do what I do, I’d quite happily use this every day, forever. Bee Good is run by a British beekeeper and his wife, who believe in the ancient healing powers of local honey, propolis and beeswax. I’m not sure what the 2 in 1 element is, but am guessing cleansing and hydrating as the cleanser has a rich, creamy texture that leaves my skin super clean yet nourished at the same time. I think most skin types would love this, but dry or dehydrated skins who find many cleansers drying or stripping will appreciate it more than others. The Honey & Wild Flax daily moisturiser from the same range didn’t wow me to the same extent, but don’t let that put you off - it’s still a lovely product that’s quickly absorbed and works well under make-up.


Indeed Labs Facial Powder Exfoliator reminds me of a Kanebo product that began my love affair with skin care many moons ago. This one is a lot more affordable and just as effective. If you’re wary of using physical exfoliants (ie gritty, scrubby ones) on your face (as I am), then I think you’ll love this. Can you see how fine those grains are? And most of them dissolve into creaminess when mixed with water. The bottle contains a fine powder, which you dispense straight into your palm and mix with a little water into a creamy paste, before massaging onto damp skin and rinsing off. This is brilliant at removing those horrible little flaky bits guilty of causing make-up to look crusty and grim. I’m particularly prone to these on my forehead and around my nose and have been known to remove make-up, use this product and reapply - it works so well.


I’m not sure how long Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion has been around, but I was hooked after a Bobbi MUA applied it as the first step of skin prep before a recent makeover. The texture is half way between water and serum; a clear liquid which I press into skin with my palms... it’s soothing, fast-drying and non sticky. Extra acts like a hydrating drink for your skin, helping the serum and moisturiser that follow to perform more effectively - and is such a pleasure to use that I never mind the 30 second extra step.

Like many others, I’ve raved about Merumaya Cleansing Balm before and have since been introduced to the Iconic Youth Serum (much nicer name than anti-ageing serum, don’t you think?). This rich serum feels luxuriously silky on my skin and contains 10 clinically tested active ingredients to address radiance, moisture, elasticity and lines. Some say it doesn’t matter how a product feels on the skin or what it’s like to use as it’s all about results; personally I prefer both boxes to be ticked, which this does.

I could say the same about all four of these products, which is why I enjoy using them so much. What are your current skincare favourites? Please leave a comment below - it makes me happy when I realise I’m not talking to myself… xx

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