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Do you know your skin type? It can be tricky to figure out, but important to know before selecting the best skincare and make-up to address particular issues. For example, dry skin will need a richer moisturiser and oily skin will benefit from oil-free foundation and powder to set make-up. I tend to vary between normal-dry in winter and normal-dehydrated in Summer, so switch up my products according to the time of year.

A new high-tech device - akin to those used by professionals - is now available to remove the guess work and help us discover our skin type at home. HydraTest uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to detect the skin’s moisture levels. You basically hold it against the skin, press a button and 3-5 seconds later it beeps and displays a digital reading on oil and hydration levels.

Beauty-Pro-Hydratest-hydration oil-levels

This basic guide interprets the readings, which I decided to test before and after using skincare.



My reading from the centre of my cheek was Oil: 1 bar = low, Hydration: 29% = dehydrated. I applied a 15 minute Collagen Infused sheet mask and re-tested…



Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but you can see that oil levels had risen to 5 bars - Oily (!!) and Hydration: 40% = Normal.

I’m not sure why the oil levels had risen so much, but was more interested in the fact that hydration had increased by 11% and gone up two levels. My skin definitely looked brighter and felt better too. I’ve had a rotten cold all week, so it was in need of a boost!  ps this was a sheet mask - hence the white ‘sheet’ with eye, nose and mouth holes!

I did test the device on different areas of my face and body and the results were consistent. Dry ankles had a very low rating (nice) and my nose, the only place I get oiliness, had higher levels than elsewhere.

I was sent the HydraTest for review and enjoyed my little experiment - it will be useful to me as I’m constantly testing new skincare products, which this should allow me to do with more accuracy. I think it’s a device that will appeal most to beauty professionals - and while the average person might be intrigued to try it occasionally, a lower price point would make it a more feasible purchase.

HydraTest rrp £59 from Harvey Nichols or

What do you think - would you consider using something like this?


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