Toes out Time! Spring Series #3


If your post-Winter feet are more hobbit than Cinderella, then this one’s for you… a little bit of effort can turn them around and have them looking presentable again. The key is to do this now rather than waiting until it’s warm enough to present them to the world. If budget allows, my top advice is to start with a professional pedi and then maintain the results, but there’s plenty you can do at home.

If tough skin is an issue, you’ll need to start by tackling that with something stronger than a cream. I’m still using my favourites from last year, the Scholl  Instant Hard Skin Remover followed by the Scholl Dual Action Callus File, though am considering the Micro Pedi (please let  me know if you’ve tried & recommend!). Then go in with the creams… I have three options here depending on what level of emergency your feet are at!

Dry to extremely dry feet need a heavy duty cream, such as Burt Bees Coconut Foot Cream. This is a rich emollient, almost like thick honey in texture and rather gloopy, so it’s one for a proper pampering session - or better still an overnighter under thin cotton socks. Made with coconut, rosemary and peppermint oils, It smells divine and intensely nourishes the feet: use this every night for a week for baby soft results and then once weekly for maintenance.

Dry chapped heels ain’t gonna look pretty in strappy sandals, so get slathering them with Soap & Glory Heel Genius. Still deeply moisturising but lighter in texture, this slightly waxy cream absorbs quickly. If you want to apply a thick layer, then pop your feet up on a towel or cover up with cotton socks. Heel Genius contains macadamia oil, menthol, fruit extracts and fruit acid smoothers to tackle tough skin.

If you’ve been looking after your feet and just want to add a blast of citrus scented moisture and soothing ingredients, Weleda Foot Balm feels heavenly. This is a good one to apply just before your shoes to give skin a lovely sheen - or after you remove those strappy heels!

Burt-Bees-Coconut-Foot-BalmSoap Glory-Heel-GeniusMavala-Foot-Cream   

All of these produce great results for me - it’s just a matter of which one best suits your needs. I have also been known to use them on my hands when extra dry!

Are your feet sandal ready yet - and can you rec any other products worth a try? Please leave a comment below!

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