Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner Pencils

Bobbi Brown has taken her best known, multi-award winning product - gel eyeliner - and reformulated it into a retractable pencil: meet Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner. Think glide-on, velvety soft colour in six shades that last. And last. And last. The formula is water, sweat and humidity proof… certainly rubbing with water or regular cleanser didn’t shift them, though they came off easily with Bioderma (my unofficial eye make-up remover of choice).


L to R: Pitch Black, Violet Night, Sapphire and Steel Grey
  • Pitch Black - as you’d expect, quite charcoal-y and not the blackest black I’ve seen, but that’s a plus point for me as I don’t like a harsh black.
  • Violet Night - my favourite of these four. Black with little flecks of shimmering violet throughout, this is daytime friendly but a little more interesting than your standard liner.
  • Sapphire - a beautiful midnight blue, somewhere between royal and navy, with a subtle metallic finish. The formula of this one is slightly softer than Violet Night, so it didn’t remain 100% intact for quite as long.
  • Steel Grey - very dark, slightly metallic grey. A softer alternative to black that still adds great definition.

Although grey is my go-to eyeliner shade, the more colourful options are much more interesting and my pick from this quartet is definitely Violet Night for its unique finish. I do love Sapphire too and have pairing it with my Eyeko Midnight Blue Black Magic Mascara for a really wearable way to add colour to the eyes without looking like an 80s throwback. The other two shades available are Chocolate Truffle - dark brown and Scotch - bronze, the latter to be checked out asap!


I’m wearing Violet Night in this pic, which doesn’t show the colour particularly well, but I wanted to illustrate just how wearable it is… you can hopefully see that it’s not black or grey - but just has a little somethin’. I don’t use eyeliner in my waterline, so haven’t tested that, but these do work well for tight lining.

Bobbi-Brown-self-sharpening-eyeliner BobbiBrown-built-in-sharpener
Admittedly I’m a bit of an eyeliner obsessive, but can’t deal with the faff of little pots and brushes of gel colour for every day use. In fact I can’t even deal with pencils that require sharpening. Retractable, aka twist-up (Pop-a-point if you can remember that far back) is where it’s at. Add a built-in mini sharpener and I’m all yours. The very end of this pencil pops off (left) and works as a sharpener for the very tip of the ‘lead’ (right) - not actual lead - you know what I mean! Top tip: don’t twist it up too far when sharpening or you’ll lose some - the formula isn’t overly sturdy.
Fans of eyeliner that’s quick and easy to apply, doesn’t tug or drag at skin, yet lasts all day will love these.

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner pencils rrp £18 HERE


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