Aerin Essentials: Kaleidolight Palette & Rose Balm Lipstick


The new AERIN Essentials Spring Collection has just launched, featuring the Kaleidolight Palette, Rose Balm, Rose Balm Lipsticks and lots more. I’ve admired this brand from afar since it launched in 2012 and am so pleased to finally get up close and personal with the products. If you’re not familiar with AERIN, created by Estee Lauder’s granddaughter of the same name, it’s all about an edited capsule collection of streamlined beauty products. Glamorous, but not fussy… this is classy, grown-up make-up.

I’m often disappointed with new releases when I meet them face to face - and admittedly would have glossed over the Kaleidolight Palette had I seen it online, but in real life, this is weak-at-the-knees gorgeous and so wearable.  Here’s a closer look…

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette

Swirl a large fluffy brush around the whole palette to add a subtle glow to your complexion: all five shades of bronze, nude, pink and lavender blend beautifully. You can also pick out individual tones for precise application with the colours you like best - and the two lightest sections (in same shade) can be mixed with the other colours to soften them.

My preferred method is to use each colour - or group of colours - individually, and the palette is large enough to allow for this. For example, I’ll sweep a brush across the three bronze/nude tones to the right and use them as bronzer, perfect for this time of year when I want to warm my complexion a little without looking full-on tanned. I then add a little pop of the pink as blush on the apples of my cheeks and a whisper of the dark shade as contour in the hollows of my cheekbones.

Lavender is often used as a corrector to brighten skin and cancel out yellow or sallow tones: don’t be put off by its inclusion - your face will not look lilac! All of these colours can also be used on the eyes - and I’m surprised how much I enjoy wearing a hint of the lilac on my lids with the darkest contour shade in the crease. I’ve strayed out of my comfort zone and I like it.


Aerin-Kaleidolight-swatchesAerin-Kaleidolight-swatches (2)

As you can see from the swatches there is quite a variety in the tones, though they do work together - and blended, give a subtle golden wash of colour which will I think will work best on light to medium skins. According to AERIN, the palette will work on all skin tones, but I imagine the effect will be quite different according to the individual. I find Kaleidolight adds warmth, subtle colour and radiance to my pale face - and I use it in place of bronzer and powder. On deeper skin tones, I imagine that it will have more of a skin flattering and evening effect, along the lines of Chanel Les Beiges (minus the coverage). The inclusion of pink, lilac and the deepest bronze give this palette the edge, extending its capabilities and the number of looks that can be created with it. Neither matte nor shimmery, it adds a slight radiance and the texture is super soft and buttery with perfect colour payoff and no fall out.

Rose Balm Lipstick


A semi matte-look lipstick that feels creamy on the lips: utter genius. Rose Balm Lipsticks are formulated with a base of the new AERIN Rose Balm (made with 350+ rose petals, swoon) to add colour while helping smooth and plump lips. I’m on an eternal hunt for The Perfect Nude Lipstick and I think this could be The One. Have you any idea what a huge deal this is?! This shade is even called Perfect Nude - it’s a sign! If you’re into nude tones, there are lots more in this collection.

The chunky, vintage-esque packaging of these lipsticks is divine - and yes, it’s even got that satisfying magnetic clunk closure goin’ on.

On my Face


All products applied on lips, cheeks and eyes, as described above. Man I love this lipstick. I included the palette in this pic as I realised I hadn’t shown the scale of it - and it’s pretty generous as you can see. I adore the vintage packaging, shiny trim and matte no-fingerprints lid (happy dance).

Note the once-in-a-blue-moon nude nails - trying to give them a rest & absolutely craving colour.

Aerin packaging     

Check out that blush suede pouch with gold lettering. Every ‘i’ has been dotted and ‘t’ crossed in this collection - and best of all, the quality and performance of the products equate their beauty. These have become instant everyday essentials for me - and that doesn’t happen every day.

ps Dear AERIN, please come to Belfast so we can meet the whole range. Everyone here will love you, promise.

AERIN Kaleidolight Palette (£40), Rose Balm Lipstick and the AERIN Essentials Collection are available now at Harrods. They will also be at Selfridges and selected John Lewis stores, but Harrods is the only place I can find them online.

Have you tried Aerin and do any of these appeal to you?

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