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I know, I know, every other beauty blogger in the planet is talking about Christmas and I promise that’s coming (tomorrow!), but for now I’ve got to share something for youViridian 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil has been one of my most exciting product discoveries of the year, not only as a beauty product, but for cooking and nutritional value too.  Packaged in a huge 500g jar (so heavy that I could barely balance it in one hand to photograph), the coconut oil is solidified and melts on contact with warm skin. Let me demo….

 Viridian-Organic-Raw-Coconut-Oil-solid what-raw-coconut-oil-looks-like-solid raw-coconut-oil-melted

  • Pic 1 - you can see where I scooped out one little sliver with the back of a clean nail (the texture is similar to set honey)
  • 2 - in the palm of my hand, already starting to melt by the time I lifted the camera
  • 3 - pat it a couple of times and it’s completely melted

This stuff smells sensational. Daft as it sounds, I really didn’t expect it to smell quite so sweet and coconuty, but it really does - just sniffing it is *almost* enough to satisfy my sugar cravings (apparently eating a small spoonful helps with this)!  Within 24 hours of receiving this jar, I’d used it as a body oil, hair mask/defrizzer/gloss, cuticle oil, lip balm and cleansing oil.  Its beauty uses are endless… there are few other products that I would even want to multitask as much as this, but it really is such a pleasure to use and I love its simplicity and effectiveness. Because it is an oil, a little residue is left on skin - not enough to bother me, but I wouldn't go slipping into a new silk dress immediately after application - this is more of a lounge at home treatment oil. 

I generally use a teaspoon to scoop it out and have managed to make quite a dent in the jar after using it for cooking (I recommend decanting some into a small jar for kitchen use).  Particularly lovely for cooking chicken, salmon or prawns, it fills the kitchen with a beautiful aroma, gives food great flavour and is apparently more healthy than cooking with olive oil.

For those who like to know the nitty gritty, here it is…


The best bit? This humungous tub (enough to last all Autumn-Winter I reckon) costs just £14 at Viridian or at Amazon - where you can also buy dinky little tubs for just £3.95, perfect to try it out or as an extra jar for the kitchen (off to pick one up myself for this very purpose!).  Oh and just for the record, I’ve been told by a coconut aficionado - aka my sis - that the quality of this tastes and feels a million times better than any she’s tried before - go Viridian!  

Have you ever used raw coconut oil - and if so, what for?
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