Chloe Roses Perfume: Review


Not usually a fan of overtly rose scents, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Chloe Roses does not smell like a traditional rose perfume.  The rose is very much present - but there’s nothing twee, old-ladyish or fusty here.  To me it has the pure scent of freshly cut roses… the waft in the breeze as I stroll through rose gardens or bury my nose in a bowl of big fat roses. 

I’ve just spritzed it again and been reminded of the greenery in this fragrance, thanks to bergamot top notes… it’s as if I can smell the leaves and stalks as well as the juicy petals. This element of freshness blends with the soft rose to create a well balanced scent, with base notes of white musk and amber that linger delicately on the skin. 

To me, this is a daytime fragrance, not one that I’d reach for on a night out.  See by Chloe (review here) is still my No1, but I think many rose lovers will really enjoy this.

I was first lured in by these mesmerising rose petal-esque dancers at the September launch, worth a look here for the prettiness!

Chloe Roses is available with 15% off at Escentual right now.

Are you a fan of rose perfume? What’s your favourite scent at the moment? 

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