Biker Style Welly Boots

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Have you any idea how long I’ve spent looking for a pair of welly boots that are a. stylish, b. practical and c. don’t cost a fortune? We’re talking years, so yes I do feel entitled to be excited about my new biker style welly boots, which keep my feet dry and comfy on long walks without making me look like a geek.  I may have been seen wearing them when it’s not raining.

I don’t have much else to say about these other than I love the detail (esp the back zips and red lining), the matt rubber, non overtly-wellyishness, comfort and reasonable price - compared to the likes of Hunters et al.  Sizing is pretty true - I got my usual size and there’s plenty of room for thick socks and the grips look like they’ll hold out in snow. (Oh and if you’re a stickler for presentation like me, you’ll love that they arrive beautifully packaged, individually wrapped in their own dust bags in a beautiful bird print box.)

Luxe Triumph Wellies, £37.99 at The Welly Shop (where you’ll also find Aigle, Hunter, etc if you feel like forking out three times as much.)

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