SensatioNail Liquid Metal Collection: Rose Gold - swatch + review


SensatioNail has released a Liquid Metal Collection - and ‘Going for the Rose Gold’ is my favourite of the five new metallic shades.  SensatioNail is Nailene’s at-home gel polish, which I’ve become very attached to since my initial review last year, where I illustrate how it works - here.

It’s not easy to find the perfectly toned gold polish for pale skins - some look too yellow, white or orange toned.  This particular rose gold is very flattering and I think would work on most skin tones.  I love that it’s so sparkly without the grit of glitter - and yet applies very smoothly for a metallic polish, none of the usual streaks.  In fact I found this even easier to apply than a standard SensatioNail gel polish. 

Above, with flash and below, in natural light, it’s a very wearable shade that looks glam under lights in the evening but subtle enough for work by day, which is important as these babies stick around for 2 weeks! The opacity is excellent - I used two thin coats for this.


The five Liquid Metal shades are:

  • Rock my Emerald - Deep Emerald Green (my second favourite)
  • Going for the Rose Gold - Pink-toned gold (above)
  • Iron Mama - Deep Purple
  • Don’t Metal Me - Magenta
  • Steel a Kiss - Steel Blue

SensatioNail-Rose-Gold-Liquid-Metal-metallic-swatch-review liquid-metal-collection-bundle

All colours, starter kits and essentials are available at, where you can currently buy all 5 Liquid Metal shades for the price of 4 (usually £12.50 each) or 4 regular polishes for the price of 3 (until 10am, Fri 27 Sep  - usually £10 each).

Have you tried gel nails - and do you fancy doing them yourself?

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