New: Clinique Superprimers


Clinique has released a set of six new oil-free Superprimers to address specific skincare needs, while performing all the usual tasks expected of a primer - to create a smooth base for make-up application and hold it in place for longer.


I was sent 3 of the 6 formulas for review:

  • Pink - Colour Corrects Dullness
  • Peach - Colour Corrects Discolorations
  • White - Universal Face Primer, the suit-all option. 

The other 3 address redness, sallowness and dullness in deeper skins.

  Clinique-Superprimers-dullness-discolouration-universal-review Clinique-Superprimers-dullness-discolouration-universal-swatches

All three function well as primers.  The pink and peach formulas are thicker and more paste-y, as you can probably see from the swatches.  These two perform quite differently, creating a smooth, matte base, slightly blurring and minimising pores and lines.  The white Universal formula is a translucent thinner lotion, which sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a light glow.  It’s quicker and easier to apply foundation on top of this one; it adds luminosity rather than blurring and perfecting, so it really does depend what your own skin needs. 

The pic above right shows each product blended. The pink is below the large freckle, opposite the pink tube and looks slightly chalky.  The white appears paler above it - you can see ‘the sheen’.  The peach is above that and looks almost invisible.  I’m not sure that there’s much difference in performance between the pink and peach; as far as I can see, the colour tint is the only difference.

I wear primers even more in Autumn/Winter as I find my make-up needs help to hold up against wind, rain etc than it does Sun, plus I tend to wear more foundation in AW.   While using these primers, I’ve found that I need to use less make-up - and having tested them on various foundations, it definitely does last longer on my skin.

Clinique Superprimer cost £20 for 30ml at Debenhams.

Are you a fan of primers?

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