Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Kit

Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Kit 

Neom Luxury Organics has launched a Perfect Night’s Sleep campaign in association with The Sleep Council.  Perfectly timed as we acclimatize to cooler days and darker nights, this tranquil trio is available at a special price throughout September.

I think I underestimated just how precious a full night’s sleep was until my first little bundle of joy came along and got hungry every 1.5 hrs, day or night, with each feed lasting 1 hour (you do the math!)  Ever since, I’ve treasured my ability to sleep and been completely thrown when occasionally goes out of sync for any reason.  It’s well known that better sleep can have positive effects on health, so I’m all about striving for that perfect 8 hours.

Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Kit includes 3 key products from the Tranquillity range, combining pure English lavender essential oil, sweet basil and jasmine, blended at the highest legal limit to make the blend work as hard as possible - and yep, it smells as good as it sounds! 

I’ve been using the Tranquillity Candle and Bath Foam for a few months now and love them both... I like to burn the candle in the evenings when I want to unwind, or pre-bath for an extra treat!  For me, these products are as much about relaxing and chilling out as sleep. 

It was no mean feat for Neom to create an SLS and paraben-free bath foam - and my bubble-deprived 5 year old son (who has eczema) appreciates it almost as much as I do. I’m also rather partial to the soothing effect it has on my kids!

I have to resist the urge to spritz the Tranquillity Room Mist ALL THE TIME as it smells so good, but probably wouldn’t help my productivity levels!  I save it as a pillow mist after a quick spritz around the bedroom, then jump into bed in a little sleep-scented cloud.

Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep is only available during September 2013 at the discounted price of £55 (usual price £74.50) here.   You might also like to enter a competition to win a Blissful Break for two worth £2300 (!!!) with Neom and other lovely brands here.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

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