Summer Fruits: Body Scents

Rituals-Happy-Buddha-Shower-gel-foam-Happy-Mist-Soap Glory-Sugar-Crush-Haus-of-Gloi-Zazz-Body-Butter-soap

On warm Summer mornings I’m rather partial to something fresh and fruity - on my plate and in my shower.  I’m also less likely to wear perfume during the day in extreme hot weather (insect paranoia), choosing to layer up body products instead, which has led to indulging in several fruity body duos…

Rituals Happy Buddha - foaming shower gel froths up into a silky mousse when it meets water. Fragranced with organic mandarin and yutu, this is a real feel good fragrance - as the name of its accomplice suggests: Happy Mist.  Officially a bed and body perfume (spritz on sheets to wake up happy!), I like to layer on the Happy Mist after using the shower gel.  Fresh and clean without that sharp, synthetic note, this is also lovely as a room mist, plus it always makes me smile as I love the name! Both products available here.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush is injected with a burst of sweet lime, though the super sweet scent brings me back to glass bottles of ice cream soda in my grandma’s larder, delivered weekly by ‘the lemonade man’.  The supersized body wash is great value and the pump bottle is my favourite for the shower, as it’s so quick and easy. The Body Buttercream is rich and moisturising, perfect for parched sun drenched limbs. Currently on 3 for 2 at Boots, where you can also pick up a scrub here.

Haus of Gloi is a range of fragrant body products, hand made using natural ingredients.  Zazz - featuring tart cranberry, pink grapefruit and ginger root - is as zingy as the name implies.  Whipped Soap is a dense, solid mousse in a tub, which is scooped out to form a creamy lather in the shower.  Zazz Pumpkin Butter (body butter) is intensely moisturising and really helps the scent last.  Thank you to Annabella from Skin Scrubs for her generosity in helping me get hold of these US products, which I hope will be available in the UK one day!  The full range (changes seasonally) at HausofGloi

Anyone else like to layer up body products in Summer - or any time of year?  I guess with more skin exposed in Summer, the scent is more accessible!




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