FreezeFrame Revital Day & Night CC Cream Review


FreezeFrame’s latest release - Revital Day and Night - is a dual product designed to provide both instant and long term skin benefits, 4 of each to be precise.  The instant effects: lifting, volumising, plumping and perfecting and the long term: tightening, evening, anti-wrinkle and recontouring.   That’s a lot of boxes ticked, so does it deliver?

As this is a new product, I can’t comment on the long term actions just yet (I will report back), but there are certainly a lot of things I like about Revital.  First up, the dual pump: it’s neat, hygienic, great for travel - and I like the idea that I’m getting two products in one.  The day product is essentially a CC cream, but don’t let that put you off!  Most CC creams that I’ve encountered are make-up products with skincare bolt-ons. This one is the opposite: it’s really not a make-up product and certainly wouldn’t replace anything in my current stash, but the skincare benefits are substantial.

“contains anti-ageing ingredient Matrixyl Synthe 6, a new substance which has showed a 100% reversal of wrinkle volume on the forehead in clinical trials.”


The above swatch shows the day (top) and night creams. As you can see the day one is slightly tinted, designed to adjust to your own skin tone.


Above, you can see how colour is released on blending the day cream (similar to Estee Lauder’s Tinted Day Wear) and below, fully blended out - providing a barely perceptible hint of colour.


I’ve been testing this on one side of my face and scrutinising the difference under my scary magnifying mirror.  While it doesn’t give me a facelift, it does make my skin look a little healthier and more rested; skin tone looks slightly evened out and pores less obvious.  I’m not sure that anyone else would notice, but if it makes me feel better about how I look, that’s good enough for me.  Naturally, I apply my regular make-up on top and find that this acts as a good base.

These are very much my initial impressions and I’ll report back on the longer term effects - here’s hoping for some plumping and smoothing action as I sleep!

Revital Day & Night is available now in Boots Latest Finds here.

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