Self Tan for Medium Skin


First up, I realise that ‘medium’ encompasses a huge range of skin tones, so to clarify, I’m talking self tans that work well on me  when I’m looking for a medium tan - golden tan, but not full on post holiday bronze. Vita Liberata Sheer Silken Mousse, Xen Tan Moroccan and Model Co Tan Mousse all tick this box for me.  Read on to see which would work best for you…

Vita Liberata Sheer Silken Mousse £22.50 here is my favourite of all the Vita Liberata formulas.  I’ve tried at least half of them (inc Phenomenal) and keep coming back to this.  We all have our favourite self tan formula that we find easiest to work with and mine is most definitely mousse.  This one spreads on quickly and easily, absorbing well while leaving enough time to massage it in and the colour gives me overnight body confidence!  It took me from snow to mild French sunshine at Easter, as I shared with a pic of my faux golden hue on Instagram here.

Xen Tan Moroccan Tan £18.81 here (rrp £25) is the newest release from Xen Tan, who can do little wrong in my eyes. (Dark Lotion was too dark for me but Transform Gradual and Scent Secure Gold are permanent features in my stash.) Moroccan Tan is a  tinted gel which leaves my skin a lovely olive toned colour.  It requires some massaging in - which is no bad thing as it means less likelihood of streaks. I’m in love with the results and had more compliments on my colour when wearing this than any other.  If you have The Orange Fear, choose this. It has none!  Here is a pic of me wearing one coat of this… the lighting isn’t perfect but it should give you some idea. It can be layered up for deeper colour.


Model Co Tan Mousse £9.99 here (rrp £18) leans towards the deeper end of the medium range and is a lovely formula to work with. It has quite a dark tint, so it’s easy to make sure you haven’t missed any bits, delivers a great colour in just one coat and wears evenly - I think it’s a good one for beginners as it’s pretty foolproof. Equally good for anyone who (like me) can’t be bothered layering up products to create greater depth of colour… one session of tanning malarkey per week is enough for me thanks! ;)

So that’s my three recs for 3 medium self tanners that get the thumbs up from me.  Have you tried any of these?  Next up: The Darks!

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