Dior Nude & Nude Tan BB Swatches

Diorskin-Nude-BB-CremeDior Nude Tan BB Creme 

Following my recent musings on a Dior make-up base, I’m back with some swatches - and a new option in the mix!   I’ve already raved about the Diorskin Nude BB Crème, but if you’d like to add a little faux golden-ness into the equation, the Tan BB may be the one for you.  My face tends to be several shades of pale lighter than my body in Summer.  It just doesn’t tan and after many years of frustration I’m now happy to embrace the SPF and no longer force it.  On my way to a family day out yesterday, I discovered a little sample of the Dior Nude Tan BB Crème and decided to give it a go…. a small amount of coverage, a golden colour than makes my face and body look connected and a slight glow. Basically it leaves me looking like I’ve got a little sun on my face and evens out my complexion in a way that suggests I’m not wearing make-up (well it is basically a tinted moisturiser with SPF 15).  For me, this is all I really want from a daytime Summer base.

As I had samples of both BBs, I thought it might be helpful to share some pics and swatches…

BB vs Tan BB




This is the lighter of the two Tan BBs and middle shade of the regular BB.  Both are said to adjust to your skin tone once blended in and I do find this to be the case; as dramatically different as they look here, they both appear natural on my face, perhaps because the Tan version is slightly more sheer.  I do need to wear bronzer over the BB to add a little warmth, but as a bonus, think this shade would suit me all year around, whereas the Tan would only work in Summer.

Fully Blended


See how minimal the difference in colour is when the products are blended out?  The difference is slightly more apparent in real life, but not dramatically so.

Anyone else have issues matching face to body in Summer?  I don’t mind my face looking slightly lighter, but do prefer my head to look like it belongs on my body!

Diorskin BBs are £30 each here.



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