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Kiko Light Legs Crackling Mousse could not have come into my life at a better time… after several hours spent traipsing around a hot farm with squillions of 5 year olds (school trip), I arrived home feeling more than a little weary.  I removed the metallic purple can from its (rather lovely) packaging, not quite sure what to expect… 

It is ICE cold.  And it actually crackles, like sherbet fizz in mousse form. On your legs, not in your mouth.  As you massage it in, it makes a fizzing, crackling sound that makes me giggle like a big child.  It smells of lemons, hence the pic above, though I’m now chuckling to myself as it actually contains blueberry and liquorice (oops!).  Anyway, it’s fresh and cool, so much fun to use (the crackles!!) – oh and yes, it did feel sooo good on my hot weary legs! 

Definitely a treat for Summer legs and would be perfect on holidays after a day’s sightseeing (or lying on a hot beach I’d imagine!).  Post-workout gym bunnies, avid shoppers and anyone who works on their feet all day would appreciate this too.  The citrus scent is very unisex (tried & tested) so it could even pass as a Father’s Day treat.

Light Legs Crackling Mousse contains active ingredients to stimulate microcirculation, soothe skin and invigorate the legs. It costs £12.90 at

Do you need it? Probably not, but I reckon you’ll love using it as much as I do! 



ps Four days isn’t a long gap between blog posts, but has felt like an eternity to me as I normally post daily. I have a tendency to prioritise my blog over a lot of things (purely because I’m passionate about it) – and this week I chose to prioritise other life stuff.  I could probably have pumped out a few quick posts, but doing it out of habit or obligation didn’t sit well with me, as I think it shows when I don’t write from the heart.  Anyway, it’s helped me gain a little perspective - and while I doubt if anyone was bothered or even noticed, I just thought I’d share my thoughts.   Nic  xx

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