Butter London Posh Bird: Now in Boots


Butter London has released a UK exclusive, Posh Bird to celebrate its launch at Boots.

One of my favourite nail polish brands, I’m really happy this is now available at Boots where I can peruse the shades in person rather than gawking at online swatches for hours (though to be fair, I’ll do that anyway - thank you nail & beauty bloggers everywhere!).

Butter-London-Posh-Bird-bottle-Boots Butter-London-Posh-Bird

Posh Bird is a metallic pewter shade, flecked with intense silver shimmer, which is in fact soooo shimmery it almost looks like micro glitter. It leans mauve in some lights and steel in others. A touch cool toned for me (especially at this time of year when I’m all about brights and pastels), I’m sure plenty will love it. I’ve just read that this is officially described as a mushroom taupe; not to my eyes!  The colour was formerly available outside the UK, so you may have seen it before.


In the shade you can make out what looks like a gritty texture but is perfectly creamy and smooth.  A huge plus is that this applies pretty much perfect in one coat. I did two but more out of curiosity to see if it would affect the colour… it looked a fraction deeper but not much. I wouldn’t bother next time.  I didn’t use a top coat and it looks much more dazzling in sunlight than it appears here.

Is Posh Bird up your street?

Butter London polishes are £12 each at Boots.

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