Google+ for bloggers: love or loathe?


Google+ is essentially a social networking service owned and operated by its namesake.  You may have noticed that I’ve added a Google+ icon to the right of my home page this week… admittedly, it’s not a concept I’ve completely got my head around just yet, but I think it’s about time I did! 

With talk of Google Friend Connect (GFC) on the way out, Google+ is one of the new systems to follow blogs, keep up with contacts and develop online ‘hangouts’ with people of similar interests.  I’m already part of a few hangouts, including one for UK bloggers and one for freelancers.

There is an option to add people to your ‘circles’, ie network, which has subdivisions such as friends, acquaintances etc. People don’t know which circle you’ve added them too - that bit is just for your own reference - so feel free to create one called Weirdos if you wish (& please don’t put me in there!)


This is the header of my Google+ page, which also happens to be the collage behind my blog header, a collection of images from this blog.

Please do pop over and say hello if you’re already on there and feel free to add me to your circles… I’m going to start being more disciplined about adding links to my blog posts etc.  Are you on Google+? Do you love/loathe it, or think it’s an unnecessary addition to the social media world? 

You can find me on Google+ here.


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