Clinique CC Cream Very Light: Review & Swatches


Clinique’s new Moisture Surge CC Cream is a colour correcting treatment designed to ‘hydrate, protect and perfect’.  Optical effects help correct complexion issues such as dullness or redness; SPF30 protects and hyaluronic, vitamins and botanicals hydrate.  It can be worn alone or under foundation, depending on which of the benefits your skin needs most  and the level of coverage required.

Clinique-CC-Cream-Extra-Light (2)

The final packaging may vary slightly from this sample, but I’m loving the slim, lightweight squeezy tube - practical, hygienic and great for travel.

Swatches: Clinique CC Cream in Very Light

Clinique-CC-Cream-Extra-Light-swatch-review Clinique-CC-Cream-Extra-Light-picsClinique-CC-Cream-Extra-Light-blog-review Clinique-CC-Cream-Extra-Light-review-swatches

Six shades are available and mine is Very Light, the lightest available.  As you can see the cream has a thick, dense texture, which leaves a slight cast when part blended (pic 2) that disappears when fully blended (pic 3).  It spreads a long way - I literally had enough for my entire arm! The final pic shows a heavier application than I would use on my face, but as you can see, coverage is quite buildable.


I’ve tried various application methods… the product is oil-free and does require some working into the skin, so I’d recommend a well moisturised base and then warming the CC Cream before use. I find it blends best if I warm it before using either fingers or a brush; both methods work, but for a slightly more flawless finish, I find a brush is best. I use fingers if I want to use this a protective layer under foundation, blending a light layer until it’s barely visible. This way I just get a slight evening of skintone and reduced redness around my nose and cheeks.  This is how I would tend to wear it - as a make-up base rather than stand alone product - as I prefer a little more coverage, which leads me on to…


Much lighter than I expected… similar to that of a tinted moisturiser. Note the coverage level in the difference between swatch pics 1&3 above - it covers freckles a little, but still lets them show through. Skin appears more even, but concealer may still be required on any flaws. The final effect is quite matt and I think oily to combination skins will be its biggest fans. Oily skins are often denied moisturising products as people assume moisture will increase oiliness, which is not the case - oily skins need moisture too!  This CC cream can provide that moisture with a matt finish: result! 

Personally I don’t need to powder with this (I have dry skin) - it lasts quite well and although matt, feels comfortable. It does highlight any slight flakiness on me, so a well exfoliated, smooth and well moisturised base is a must. Sensitive skins should rest easy too as this product is Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free, Oil-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Ophthalmologist Tested and Non-Comodegenic (& breathe!). 

Edit: I’ve posted a no filter pic of me wearing Clinique CC Cream on Instagram here, which will give you a better idea of the finish on my skin.

Clinique CC Cream, 40ml - £28.00 here

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