Priti NYC Comptesse de Paris: Spring 2013 Nails

Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-Spring-Summer-2013 Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-Spring-Summer-2013 (2)Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-Spring-Summer-2013-tan-caramel-nail-polish Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-swatch-Spring-Summer-2013

Priti NYC’s latest releases will appeals to non-fans of the usual ice cream pastels and rainbow brights.   I was drawn to Comptesse de Paris as an everyday shade with enough punch to complement an outfit while remaining quite neutral. After taking these pics it occurred to me it’s quite like the colour of my hair, though illustrating this with a camera by myself might be tricky!

I’d describe this as a butterscotch shade, with a silver shimmer that gives a slight metallic sheen and is more noticeable in person than in these pics.  The above shots were taken by the window, in natural light - the ones below are with flash and in neutral light.  I think it’s slighter cooler in person and definitely not as warm as it looks with the flash.

Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-Spring-Summer-2013-pics Priti-NYC-Comptesse-de-Paris-Spring-Summer-2013-flash

Above left, neutral light and above right, with flash.

As always, Priti NYC colours apply perfectly. The formula is neither too thick nor thin and very smooth. I used two coats and no topcoat for these swatches.  Comptesse de Paris is from the Orient Express collection, pictured below.


Priti NYC’s Early Spring 2013 Collection is named Apr├Ęs Ski, perfect for the current UK ‘Spring’ weather! 


I’m sure the yellow-lime, Envy will be extremely popular and would look great with a tan or as a monochrome accent!

All shades available from CutECOsmetics £8.95 each. Cruelty free & vegan.

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