Lovely’s Vintage Emporium


I’ve had my eye on Lovely’s Vintage Emporium since the day it opened and through it, gleaned a new curiosity for the world of vintage.  I’ve finally dipped a toe in - and have a feeling I’m hooked!

Lovely’s Vintage is run by magazine fashion & beauty director, editor and stylist, Lynnette Peck Bateman - nicknamed 'Lovely' by her friends... and not without good reason.


I treated myself to this pretty 1980s pendant necklace a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share it with you. I must say it was a pleasure to photograph jewellery rather than make-up for a change!

Lovely's_Vintage_Emporium_jewelryLovely's_Vintage_Emporium review

I did take a pic of me wearing my new pearl locket on a night out last weekend, but as usual was in such a rush out at the time, I twisted it with the angle I held the camera at.  I’ll take another one soon and maybe create a vintage make-up look to accompany it.

Lovely's_Vintage_Emporium (2)

I may even be tempted to buy a new frock to match its elegance!

I think I’d go for something like this 1950s floral midi dress (previously on Lovely’s Vintage), which sadly I’ve missed out on…

Do check out Lovely’s Vintage Emporium and follow Lynette on twitter - she is so approachable and lovely to chat with about vintage, fashion and of course beauty!

I’d love to hear about any vintage purchases you’ve made - or the kinds of things you’d like to buy?

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