Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick 03: mini makeup haul


Anyone else ever end up making boredom-spurred chemist purchases while waiting for a prescription?  I’d been meaning to try these few Rimmel bits for a while and low and behold there they were in the corner of my local chemist, which resembles something from the 70s and still sells the same brands that once graced my mum’s bathroom cabinet.

I’ve used them quite a bit this week and thought I’d share my thoughts…


The lipstick, #03 from the latest Kate Moss for Rimmel collection, is a pinky brown nude with a matt, but not dry, finish.  I like the colour a lot for a pale-but-not-dead nude lip that’s just a few shades darker than my skintone.  It looks really nice with a slick of gloss over the top - and I’ve discovered a lovely new one which I’ll blog about this week.

This lipstick works well with Exaggerate Lipliner, East End Snob, the perfectest (new word) pinky nude liner I’ve tried… and I’ve hunted a loonnng time for a shade like this.  Soft, smooth and zero drag, not the longest lasting but I can forgive it that. It’s very close to my natural lip colour and as such provides a little extra definition for pretty much any lipstick.


I’ve wanted a plum eyeliner for ages and Rimmel Exaggerate Perfect Plum #220 is a lovely blackened plum with a slight metallic finish, so slight it’s not visible in this swatch. I do love it though. Some plums have a reddish tone, which scares me, but this one doesn’t - it’s plum verging on aubergine really. The waterproof element leaves it with a slightly harder finish than I’d like, though I’ve been seriously spoilt with the buttery Anastasia liners I’ve been using lately (review here).

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Nude #005 is a great colour for the waterline… I picked this up as so many other bloggers have raved about it. The colour is good, not too pink or orange and way more flattering than a stark white liner, but this is something I only really need if I’ve had a big night or a small sleep.  If you have small eyes, this will help make them look bigger, whereas dark liner on the waterline will shrink large or protruding eyes. (My eyes are quite big and I can’t get my head around a dark waterline - the ‘shrinkage’ always shocks me…. maybe I just need a better technique).

Sadly this is not a twist-up like the other two pencils, and as you can probably see, I’ve lost a fair bit of it in the sharpening as it’s incredibly soft.

All in all these are great staples… the one I’ll end up using the most is East End Snob lipliner.  The colours are subtle and sophisticated and wouldn’t look out of place in a much higher end range, despite only costing a few pounds each.

Are you a Rimmel fan?

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