FreezeFrame Instant Lash Review: Before + After


Ever in pursuit of longer more WOW lashes, I welcomed the chance to try FreezeFrame Instant Lashes with open arms. Australia’s biggest selling lash product launches in the UK tomorrow (Wed 6 Feb), where it will be available exclusively at Boots.

Instant Lash brush-on extensions are applied with a mascara wand and can add up to 4-8mm in length. Lots of tiny fibres set in a black gel are swept on to the tips of lashes, attaching themselves before regular mascara application.

Here’s how the product looks…

Freezeframe-Instant-Lash-Extensions Instant-LashInstant-Lash-pic-review

I like the idea of the fibres in a gel base as have previously tried dry ones, which were very fiddly and got in my eyes. These ones are quite long as you can see here… each one measures around 2mm and is even finer than a natural lash. 


I’ve only had a couple of goes with it so far, but the product is very simple and straightforward to use, with a sprinkling of patience… I found it worked best when I used the very tip of the wand, rolling it along the tips of my lashes to encourage the fibres to attach.

With + Without Instant Lash


Above, I used several coats of mascara on the eye on your left.  On the other eye I used Instant Lash and one coat of the same mascara (GOSH Catchy Eyes).  I only used one coat on the second eye as I was afraid of knocking the extensions off… I may be braver next time!  I over exposed this pic purely as it made the outline of the lashes clearer.

Before & After

08-IMG_1728 Freezeframe-Instant-Lash-UK (2)

My lashes are not quite 4mm longer (more practice maybe?), but there is a definite difference (and to my surprise they were complimented today!).  Once applied I’m not aware that I’m wearing these, unlike falsies, which I always think are going to fall off (and often they do!). I’ll definitely be using this product in future.

Instant Lash will be available at Boots tomorrow priced £29.99.  What do you think of the results…will you be picking one up?




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