Neom Christmas Wish Candle: Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean


I can’t think of a more perfect way to round off my day…  my little boy has been poorly & I haven’t been out for what feels like forever, so despite it being my birthday I was been feeling a bit flat and sleep deprived.  Until the postman knocked… and presented me with the most beautiful Christmas candle I’ve ever tried, Neom Christmas Wish.


Just look at the stunning box and beautiful matt gold glass holder - the epitome of glamour, luxury and organic goodness - all among the reasons I’ve come to adore Neom beauty and home fragrances.  Real passion goes into these products… and you can tell.

For each candle sold, Neom donates £1 to Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting magical wishes to children & young people fighting life-threatening illnesses.


This huge, weighty (300g wax) 3 wick candle burns for up to 50 hrs - this is it just lit, above & below.


Fragranced with mandarin, cinnamon and Tonka bean - the perfectly balanced fresh spice and warmth reminds me of a real Christmas tree by an open fire. 

I’m not a fan of traditional Christmas scents - the usual cinnamon and clove combos - and this isn’t one.  The cinnamon is there, but is by no means overpowering…  warmth, comfort and gentle spice are the main senses I get from this candle.  It’s Christmassy, but not so much that you won’t want to burn it after Christmas - another huge tick from me - and when I popped out for half an hour and came back home, the whole house smelt amazing.  It fills the air without being overpowering - several hours in, we’ve eaten dinner in the same smallish room as it’s been burning - and didn’t even notice it. I love this, as usually I need to distinguish a fragranced candle before eating or I can almost taste it.


NEOM Luxury Organics candles are made using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils, so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot. They work as powerful holistic treatments as you breathe in the scented air and it’s best to burn them for a minimum of 2 hours.  The above pic was taken after a couple of hours and you can see how evenly the wax burns, meaning every little bit is used up.

Neom Christmas Wish candle costs £42, also available as a diffuser, though the candle is so much more Christmassy! LINK

If you’ve tried Neom, I’d love to know which is your favourite fragrance? (and if you haven’t, I can’t recommend them highly enough!)

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