New: Clynol Keratin Sleek - Before & After


Clynol recently invited some beauty bloggers to try out its new Keratin Sleek range of products, designed to create smooth, silky locks that last for 48hrs.  As I’m bursting to get one of those treatments that leave your hair sleek-but-wavy for months (frizz free heaven!), I was keen to give this a go!

The treatment involves 4 steps:

  1. Silk… Keratin Sleek Shampoo - love the salon fresh scent of this product, with a ‘protective & caring Keratin-Polymer Complex’
  2. Smooth… Keratin Sleek Treatment - a deep conditioner to soften coarse hair & tame frizz
  3. Tame… Keratin Sleek Blow Drying Balm - lightweight balm that coats hair for a smooth finish
  4. Satin… Keratin Sleek Oil Potion - shine enhancer for a glossy finish

I tried this combination in various ways before finding what works best for my hair, which is shampoo, loads of the conditioning treatment (inc at the roots - it didn’t add weight/make my hair greasy) and not toooo much of the Balm. I achieved the sleekest finish when using a few drops of the oil while my hair was still wet, then adding a tiny amount on the ends when completely dry, just to tame any fuzzies and flyaways. 

The Balm in particular seemed to add a lot of volume to my hair, which I really hadn’t expected.  The products definitely had a smoothing effect, which lasted 2-3 days - a day longer than I normally get without resorting to sticking my hair up in a ponytail!  I don’t know about you, but normally this only happens to me after a professional blow dry.

For these pics I blow dried my hair using my beloved GHD Hairdryer and my usual round ceramic brush.  I normally wear my hair wavy, but this was all about going as sleek as possible, so I dried it straight while avoiding that poker straight look that does me no favours.



Scarecrow hair - left to its own devices!

Apologies in advance for some dodgy pics, courtesy of my 4 year old son who reckons the top of the head isn’t important in hair shots. He was jumping around asking me to do scary faces and was sure to include laundry, watering cans & clutter in the background…

Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (7) Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (3) Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (2)

     His 1st attempt…                                      getting closer…                            3rd time lucky (trying not to giggle!)

And back to DIY pics for the official After

Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (4) Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (5)Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (6) Clynol_Keratin_Sleek_Review_Photos_Pics (8)

It was late afternoon when I took these pics, so my hair doesn’t look particularly shiny, but it did in real life and even the 4 year old commented on how soft it was and kept playing with it.  This was the first time I had tried Clynol products and I’d definitely give them a go again.

You can read about the products at and purchase from salons or online at Amazon or, priced around £8-10 each.

Have you tried Clynol, or what do you use for a sleek finish?

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