Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher in Charm

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Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Charm is Daniel Sandler’s latest product launch, with a donation from every purchase going to the Moon and Stars charity to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  Each blusher purchase also includes a brilliant freebie, Daniel’s award winning Waterbrush worth £15.50.

Daniel Sandler is an international makeup artist with his own collection of award winning beauty products. While I don’t know him personally, I feel as if I do as he’s one of the friendliest, most approachable characters on social media.  My sister told me an amazing story this week, that when she modelled years ago, Daniel once did her makeup… she said it was the most perfect makeup she’d ever seen - so much so that she didn’t wash her face for 2 days! (Minger haha!)

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Back to the blusherCharm is a beautiful pinky peach, designed to flatter all skintones - brilliant for the uber pale who are scared of too much colour, but I can also imagine this looking amazing on much darker tones.  I was a little bit scared of Watercolour fluid blushers the first time I tried one (this is my second), but to set your mind at ease, they really couldn’t be easier to use!  They contain Vitamin E and Jojoba to aid smooth application and nourish skin - and can be applied with a brush, such as Daniel’s Waterbrush, any blusher/stippling brush, or your fingers.  I use both methods, but find a brush gives a more sheer finish. Patting it on with fingers and just tapping gently until it’s blended gives a bit more colour.  I love that Watercolour blushers are workable for quite a while after application; they don’t just set dry and that’s it, which makes them really user friendly. :)


Only a teensy amount is required, a really teensy amount, which is why the little nozzle on the bottle is so useful for dispensing a couple of drops.

Daniel_Sandler_Watercolour_Blush_Charm_Swatches_Review (4) Daniel_Sandler_Watercolour_Blush_Charm_Swatches

Here’s how it looks straight from the bottle and then lightly blended out on my skin (with fingers).

Daniel_Sandler_Watercolour_Blush_Charm_Swatches (3)

What’s brilliant about this particular colour is that it’s almost impossible to overdo… when really sheered out it’s just a subtle glow. It contains fine particles of shimmer, barely visible really, but they do show up more when it’s really sheered out (this is in direct sunlight).  The medium swatch is the most exquisite naturally flushed tone, while a heavier swatch looks a touch more sheeny.

Here’s how it looks on…

Daniel_Sandler_Watercolour_Blush_Charm_on_lips (2)

In the pic above I’m also wearing it on my lips, with a little balm over the top. It would be pretty with a gloss too (Daniel, can we please have a lipstick in this shade?!).  This is quite a light application over Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream.


This pic was taken today, a heavier application (using the Waterbrush) over New CID Foundation, which I’m also loving at the moment.  Do you like my lipgloss?  Post coming up on that in the next day or two so I’ll keep it a secret for now! ;)  Every week I say I’m going to stop showing swatches ‘in situ’ and just do them on my hand as I actually hate putting my pic all over the blog, but then when I check out swatches myself I always want to see the products applied! 

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Charm* costs £14.50 HERE with a free Waterbrush (worth £15.50). Don’t forget every purchase = a donation to Moon and Stars Charity, so go treat yourself & support a great cause at the same time! :)

Now… what else do I need to try by Daniel Sandler?!  And how about swatches - do you prefer to see products applied or are you happy enough to see swatches on hands/arms?

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