e.l.f. Party Purple, Crimson Crush & Glow

elf flawless eyeshadow, glow blush, lip stain

I’m a big fan of elf brushes (Eyes, Lips, Face); in fact they were all I ever used until around six months ago.  I hadn’t tried the make-up products before and have held off on this review as I couldn’t quite make up my mind.

elf_party_purple_flawless_eyeshadow 3-008

Flawless Eyeshadow is available in five colourways, with Party Purple as the bright & bold option.  Each shade is marked with the area which it is intended to be worn, which is useful for creating a look, though obviously not restrictive - you can do your own thing!

Glow blush is a pale pretty peach, also available in Shy, an equally soft shell pink.

Lip Stain comes in four shades and is designed to create a long lasting wash of colour - this was my favourite of the three items. I always use this kind of product over a lipbalm, which probably restricts its staying power, but I do find them a bit drying otherwise. This one contains Vitamin E and isn’t any more or less drying than alternatives I’ve tried by GOSH or NYC.


Swatched from left: Lip Stain, 4 Party Purple eyeshadows & Glow blush.

The Lip Stain is a lovely soft berry tone and the eyeshadows are softer and much more wearable than I expected, though this may disappoint those who hoped them to be highly pigmented for a more full-on look. My favourite shade of the four is the darkest aubergine colour, which sadly had the least payoff.  The Glow blush is a soft, pretty peach with a slight sparkle, which could be worn on pale skins as a blush or on darker skins as a highlighting glow.


These are the palettes after I’d swatched them once - as you can see there is a lot of fall out.  For this reason I was reluctant to try them on my (sensitive) eyes incase of irritation.  This might not be an issue for you, especially as the products are so inexpensive.

These products* cost £2.50 each at elf

Have you tried elf make-up?  Do you think it’s on a par with drugstore brands?

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