1, 2, 3 of Teeth Whitening: Transformulas, Blanx & Crest Whitestrips


Pretty much everyone (perhaps Simon Cowell excepted) wishes their teeth were whiter… in recent months I’ve tried three different treatments, all of which work in different ways, depending how much whiter you want or need to go!


Transformulas Professional White

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This little silver pen shaped tube is filled with a mild minty gel, that you twist out and paint onto your teeth with this little brush… a bit like Touche Éclat highlighter for teeth!  It tastes nice, is very quick and easy to use (2-3 times a day is recommended) and gradually whitens over around a week.  I did notice a difference and while I wouldn’t recommend this for someone with very yellow teeth, it does brighten and restore ‘almost white’ teeth.  Available at Feel Unique here, though I’ve just noticed what looks like a new, presumably improved (or maybe just repackaged), formula on Tranformula’s website, £36.95.


Blanx Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment*

I was attracted to this whitening toothpaste as it sounded quite strong yet is described as “safe to use without being aggressive on the enamel.”  It tastes good, makes my teeth feel really clean and is supposed to work within two weeks.  After just three days, my sister asked if I’d had my teeth whitened at the dentist.  This really works.  I noticed a slight difference myself after just one day, but someone else pointing it out was real confirmation!  Again, this probably won’t take you to Holywood smile status, but if you have medium discolouration, it will definitely make a marked difference.  Not cheap at £11, but currently on 3 for 2 at Boots.  I wouldn’t use it every day at this price, but every few months as a top up, absolutely!


Crest 3D Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects

I’ve reviewed regular Crest Whitestrips in the past and had good results with them. These ones are the big guns. They worked for me and took my teeth several shades whiter, but I’m hesitant about recommending them as I know a lot of people found they made their teeth quite sensitive, albeit temporarily.  I didn’t use them every day as recommended as I was concerned about this, but spread them out over a few weeks - and they didn’t cause me any major discomfort.  Beware of picking up cheap copies on eBay as I’ve been told there are fakes around - I got mine directly from Crest Whitestrips here for £45. If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, please avoid.


Have you ever tried any teeth whitening treatments? I’d love to know what worked best for you.

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