Nails Inc Pinkie Pink: Breast Cancer Campaign 2012

Nails_Inc_Pinkie_Pink_Swatch (4)

‘Paint your pinkie pink’ is the message from Nails inc and Breast Cancer Campaign in a call to raise awareness and funds to support the work of Breast Cancer Campaign’s Tissue Bank.

I think this is a really innovative way to raise awareness and £1 from every Limited edition ‘Pinkie Pink’ glitter polish sold (rrp £11) will be donated to Breast Cancer Campaign.

In the UK one in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime and every year around 48,000 and 340 men are diagnosed with the disease. Every month 1000 women die of breast cancer.

To support the campaign, take a pic of your Pinkie Pink pinkie and tweet it to @nailsinc with the tagline #Pinkiepink or email it to to be part of a giant Pinterest board featuring everyone’s images.


If you need any encouragement, this is one of the prettiest pink glitter polishes I’ve ever tried.  The colour is just stunning and I love the metallic pink lidded bottle.

Nails_Inc_Pinkie_Pink_Swatch (3)

This is quite a dense, coarse glitter, though you could of course smooth it over with a glossy topcoat. The nude shade I’m wearing it over is Essie Muchi Muchi, probably the palest I’ve ever used but a nice fresh look and good for a change.

Nails_Inc_Pinkie_Pink_Swatch (7) Nails_Inc_Pinkie_Pink_Swatch (6) 

And no need to stop at your pinkie… here’s how it looks with two coats (pinkie), as a top coat (ring finger) or tip highlight.

Pre-order & find out more about Nails Inc Pinkie Pink, £11, here:

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