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One of the best things about blogging is other bloggers. The majority are hugely supportive and generous with their advice and time - and I’ve made some amazing discoveries thanks to them, one of which I’d like to share with you today.

Since my earliest days, has been a favourite blog of mine. Hugely creative, inspiring, individual and adorable. Please check it out. 

Fushigi Shop (2)

Its fabulous author recently left a longterm job to chase her dream, launching her own business called The Fushigi Shop (Fushigi: mystery, wonder, marvel, strange, curiosity in Japanese). She sells her own beautiful handcrafted creations, ranging from exquisite jewellery to pretty oddments, such as my purchase.

Fushigi Shop (3)

I don’t know about you, but it’s not every day that I receive such a beautifully wrapped and presented parcel, or get thanked for making a purchase.  So what was inside? …

Fushigi Shop

I just love how every detail is so tenderly and perfectly finished. There are not enough of these qualities in this world.  My parcel contained dainty nail stickers.

Fushigi nail stickers (5)

I chose ‘Fushigi Botanica’ and ‘Ladies in Festival’ (also available in black). They are so pretty and delicate. To use them you just cut around your chosen image, peel off the backing paper (gently - it’s a little fiddly so take your time), then place the sticker on your nail and seal with topcoat.

Fushigi nail stickers (6)

I was worried they’d be too big for my nails, which aren’t the longest, but each sticker is smaller than my baby nail, so I needn’t have worried and think they would fit even the shortest nails.

Fushigi nail stickers

I applied mine over Essie Ladylike and didn’t place it particularly well (I decided to do it before I’d had a cup of tea this morning so wasn’t full of patience… don’t ask!)

Fushigi nail stickers (2)

Coincidentally, they did match the maxi dress I later decided to wear! I think this sticker would look better on my ring finger or pinkie. I can’t wait to try the birds next!

The nail stickers cost £3.00 for 22 stickers - and you can be sure no-one will be wearing the same ones. Other designs are also available… do go have a browse and pop back regularly as new items are often uploaded and one-off designs tend to disappear pronto! THE FUSHIGI SHOP

Thank you Y… you are wonderful & I wish you every success with your new business.  I’ll be back! ;) xx

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