YSL Terre Sahrienne N° 1: Light Golden Bronzer


I’m having a bit of a YSL moment with two of its Summer 2012 releases making my favourites list: Le Teint Touch Éclat Foundation {review} and Terre Sahrienne bronzer.

This is my second suggestion for a luxury bronzer that will work well on light skins, though this one is particularly versatile and could actually be adapted to a number of skintones.  Although the lightest of YSL’s three releases, to my knowledge it isn’t particularly directed at the pale among us and is described as ‘No1 - Tanned’.  I have lots of pics and swatches that should help you make up your own mind about it.

As for what it’s like to use, the texture is, well… swoony!  Highly pigmented, only a small amount is needed, so although it’s not the biggest palette, I can see it lasting a long time - definitely a full Summer.  It gives a velvety soft finish to the skin and when the three shades are used blended together, the finely spun sheen won’t make your face sparkle, but will give your skin a flattering glow. 


Packaging is slim and minimal, slipping neatly into the smallest makeup bag or evening clutch.  Although glamorous, it’s all about the product, embossed with python print inspired by the YSL Couture accessories.  It almost looks too pretty to disturb (my reluctance to stick my fingers in it for swatches was palpable!).

“Long-lasting resistance to heat and a genuine UV shield:
Mica particles coated with an amino acid derivative
improve the feel of the powder. In addition, since
the amino acid derivative is hydrophobic, it protects
the particles against humidity for a long-lasting hold.
With an SPF 12 index, the formula protects against
the harmful effects of UV rays.”


Made up of three bands of colour and texture, the lightest (above left)is the smallest, an apricot tinged pale gold, with a barely perceptible sheen.  The largest band (above right) is a medium shade of warm toned bronze with delicate shimmer - and the darkest, central strip is quite a deep matt tan.



The above swatches show the three bands of colour swatched with fingers, then blended with a brush. 


The brush you use to apply bronzer has a huge impact on how intense the colour looks on your skin.  Above left I used the Japonesque bronzing brush, which is very dense and tightly compacted, giving good density of colour on the skin. This pic was taken in direct sunlight to show the ‘glow’.  Above right, I used the Japonesque fan brush, which gives a much lighter effect and picks up less shimmer as the bristles are firmer. 



A fan brush is perfect for lifting colour from the dark narrow stripe of colour for contouring.  I’ve become very partial to fan brushes recently (a new discovery!) and have a separate review on these Japonesque brushes coming up, where I’ll explain more about how I use them.

The YSL bronzer was recommended to me as perfect for pale skins (months before its release) by one of my favourite and most respected MUAs, Kenneth Soh.  Thank you Kenneth, it was worth the wait!


Finished Look


What do you think?  As always, I also have a little blusher on the apples of my cheeks (NARS Orgasm).


Clarins vs YSL bronzers 01

I thought it might be useful to see the YSL bronzer next to the Clarins {review}… as you can see, the YSL is quite a bit warmer.  I tend to use the Clarins when I want to deepen my skintone slightly or add a very subtle wash of colour, and the YSL when I want deeper tones and a true sunkissed look. 

One of my favourite things about the finish of this bronzer is that it isn’t flat, but adds luminance.

Naturally this comes at a price, £39 at YSL, currently offering free shipping AND a complimentary lipgloss worth £22 when you spend £50! (use code GLOW12 at checkout)  Touch Éclat foundation & Terre Sahrienne bronzer anyone?! ;)

Have you tried YSL Terre Sahrienne? I’d love to know what people think of the other two shades, so please leave a comment if you’ve tried them!

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