Dr Jart + BB Cream: Regenerating & Water Fuse Review & Swatches

Dr Jart BB

One of the most talked about BB Cream launches of the year, Dr Jart+ BB Cream is one of the longest standing formulas around.  Asia’s best selling BB cream,  it was developed in Korea in 2004 by a team of 21 dermatologists and comes in four formulas designed to address specific skincare needs {outlined in my previous post}.

For me, Dr Jart stands out among a plethora of recent BB launches by numerous major beauty brands, so I was really excited to try this one, which I considered ‘the real thing’ and somewhat set apart from the others.

Dr Jart Regenerating Ingredients Dr Jart Water Fuse ingredients

While personally I would have chosen the Platinum or Premium formulas (dry/ageing), it was great to receive two different formulas to compare, especially when I realised how different they are. Regenerating is aimed at sensitive skin, while Water Fuse is designed for oily (mine is dry).  Despite this, I have enjoyed using these products and am really impressed by their properties.

“Acting not only as a moisturiser, serum, primer and perfector, each Dr.Jart+ BB Cream
targets individual skincare needs… and has adapted ingredients, features and
benefits to deliver beautiful results.”


Dr Jart Regenerating Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_Swatches

First up, the colour: Regenerating is several shades lighter than Water Fuse and leaves a slight chalkiness often associated with BB Creams.  This can easily be warmed up with powder, bronzer or blusher, but is worth noting.

Dr Jart Regenerating Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_Swatches (2)

Regenerating is a yellow toned beige while Water Fuse has more golden apricot tones.  Regenerating is also thicker and more creamy in texture, with greater coverage; Water Fuse is light and silky - and despite being designed for oily skin, feels moisturising.

Dr Jart Regenerating Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_Swatches (3)

If you scroll back up to my top swatches, you can see the extent to which my freckles are covered, giving you an idea of coverage (there is a small gap between the two blended shades where my biggest freckle is uncovered).

Dr Jart Regenerating Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_Swatches (4)

The difference between the two shades is minor indoors, though you can still see that Regenerating offers a touch more coverage.

Dr Jart Regenerating Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_Swatches (5)

After around half an hour I noticed that the product seemed to have settled into my skin, looked slightly more opaque and the dewy finish of Water Fuse had reduced a little.

Both of these formulas have an incredible texture and to me feel much more like a skin treatment than makeup.  Regenerating feels really rich and nourishing and while the slight chalky finish does nothing for me at the moment, it will probably be ok in Winter, warmed with a little blusher.

Water Fuse really does feel more like a product for dry than oily skin, purely because it feels hydrating rather than oily or shiny.

It’s a balm. That’s why it feels this way; that’s exactly how it feels.

Dr Jart Water_Fuse_BB_Cream_bubble

On application, you can see the little bubbles of moisture on your skin as you blend it in. It was difficult to capture this on myself, while blending, but I managed to do so on my sister - after applying several layers in the above pic. The droplets of water magically appear then disappear - it’s as if the products seals them into your skin.

Dr Jart applied

This is Water Fuse applied, with a teensy bit of Liz Earle cream blush on my cheeks and lips (review coming soon) and a very light slick of mascara: my ‘no-makeup-makeup’ look. Not the one I wear when I’m trying to look au naturel (good Lord that takes forever!); the one I wear when I’m racing out the door because I have no time for further pampering (which is quite often with two small children on an 8 week school holiday!).

I know I don’t look brilliant, but do I look a lot better than without makeup!  Dr Jart BB Cream smooths out the complexion and covers minor imperfections, slightly more than a tinted moisturiser would.  There is still some redness and shadows and the addition of concealer would help a lot - when I have time that’s exactly what I’ve been doing while testing this out over the past few weeks.  I’ve become much more comfortable (almost) in my own skin and that’s a good thing, right? 

Dr Jart BB Cream

Edit: Just found this pic on my camera, wearing Dr Jart with concealer, a little powder & blush - thought I’d include it to show how it looks worn like this!

If you don’t need a lot of coverage, I think you’ll adore this.  I’ve also used it under regular foundation or with a little light foundation where I need it most, both of which I love.  The fact that it contains a decent SPF and feeds your skin while helping you look better (or good if you’re lucky) is an absolute bonus.

Dr Jart+ BB Cream is only available at Boots in the UK, instore or online priced at £18-24.

I’d love to know what you think if you’ve tried Dr Jart - please do leave a comment below.

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