Rescue Mission & Como Shambhala Invigorate: Luxury Summer Shower & Bath

Lulu Time Bomb Rescue Mission

I’m always drawn towards fresh, citrusy scented shower products in the Summer and while I wouldn’t normally have many baths when it’s hot, Time Bomb Rescue Mission has converted me. Plus it hasn’t exactly been that hot in this corner of the world, yet.

Rescue Mission Miracle Mineral Bath is packed with ingredients to restore and revitalise, a refreshing change from the usual soothing, send us to sleep offerings.

For me, the goodness within is great, but only if the scent follows through, and this really does.  The best comparison I can make is with the aroma that wafts from freshly chopped herbs, when you can practically taste the goodness and instinctively just want to inhale it.

Lulu Time Bomb Rescue Mission

“It positively  explodes  with restorative goodness  – MagnaEase™
contains eight essential oils (yes, eight!) and  no less than five
soothing herbs  blended with magnesium salts to both soothe the
poor beleaguered body, kissing better aches and pains and gently
massaging the mind to state of restored alertness!”


Of course, all of this comes at a price, rrp £24 for 500ml at Lulu’s Place.  This is a premium product and not one which I’d use every day of the week, but it would make a lovely gift and is most definitely a treat to use.  I’ve used it in the shower too - if you try this, just be careful as the consistency is quite thin and at this price, you won’t want to be washing it down the drain!

I’m in love with the little jute bag it comes in - isn’t it cute? 


Invigorate Shower Gel

Invigorate Shower Gel

Invigorate Showergel is part of a product range by COMO Shambhala, a healthy living concept built on the principles of using essential oils from plants, flowers and fruits for their beneficial therapeutic properties.

‘Invigorate’ holds no surprises. Aromatherapy grade pure essential oils of eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and peppermint provide an instant boost to the system and feel like massaging a gorgeous wake up call into the skin. If you’re anything like me, this is exactly what you need at the start of the day…  I am not a morning person, so every little helps! 

This lathers well, though not too much and isn’t at all drying; if you want to feel truly pampered, you can combine it with a delicious sounding body scrub and body oil. Again, this falls into luxury category at £24.50 for 300ml from Urban Retreat at Harrods.

What kind of scents are you drawn to in Summer?


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