ModiFace to launch New Virtual Nail Salon

Modiface purple  

Modiface, creator of mobile beauty and fashion apps, will launch a new Virtual Nail Salon next week.  In a nutshell, this allows you to upload a picture of your nails and virtually decorate them, with visuals including nail polish colours, freehand designs, nail art and bling.  The idea is that you get to choose what suits you best without the expense and effort of physically painting your nails. 

You download the app, then either take/upload a pic of your own nails or choose a set similar to your own from a ready made selection.  Next is the fun bit - choosing colours and designs of your choice and applying them to individual or all nails.  I downloaded it and had a bit of a play - with mixed results!

Modiface cute nails

For my first attempt I used my own nails, which looks rather surreal as you can see! You can adjust the shape to fit your nailbed, but it’s very fiddly - I really did spend time trying & it still looks odd.  Clearly, I used a freehand tool to do this design!

blue nails

I got the hang of things a bit better the second time - choosing a set of ready made nails for a gradient, ombre effect in blue, green & yellow with freehand lilac half moons.  You can adjust details like the amount of shine and curvature of the nail - you can see the difference this makes in making my second attempt look much more realistic than the first.

After saving the final design to your camera phone, you’re free to create other options. For each completed design, the screen flashes up the brand and shade names, so that you can then go and purchase the real thing if you choose. 

I don’t honestly think I’d use this to select nail colours, especially as colour and brand choice is limited, but some people may find it useful and for a big kid like me, it was definitely fun to play with!  Personally I tend to pour through reams of swatches on other beauty blogs and Google images before purchasing new shades.

A similar app already exists - this is a new, updated version. If you’re interested, you can find out more here.

How about you? Would you shop via a Virtual Nail Salon like ModiFace ?



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