Chanel Summer 2012 Makeup Swatches

Chanel Summer 2012 makeup - a mix of beige, peach, coral, orange, rose, bronze & gold gorgeousness…

Chanel Summer 2012 makeup

I’ve swatches some of my favourites from the collection to give you an idea of how they look on the skin.


Chanel Sable Rose


Sable Beige & Sable Rose - beautiful silky smooth compacts that apply to the skin like velvet.  Beige, a soft golden caramel; Rose, a peachy pink toned golden bronze.



For me, Calypso Glossimer - a bright orange with gold shimmer is the stand out lip product, but En Vogue Rouge Coco Shine is the one that I think suits me best as it’s more of a pinky toned coral, despite looking quite orange in the bullet. 

Sirocco Glossimer is a very pale gold shimmer, a bit blah on its own but makes other shades pop when layered on top and shimmers beautifully in the sunlight.  Personally I wouldn’t invest in something like this - I’d much rather pay for colour and find a cheaper dupe for something so subtle.

Peche Kohl is a peachy toned bronzer eyeliner, which is really lovely, but a little bit too subtle to justify the price for me. Not that I like my makeup to be garish, but if I’m splashing out on a luxury product I’d like it to add something to my face!


The same swatches in a slightly softer light, which shows En Vogue (left) in particular more true to the actual colour.

IMG_2651 IMG_2656

                   Indoors                                                                                     Outdoors

In these pics I’m wearing the Sable Rose bronzer and I don’t think it suits me at all.  The beauty assistant applied it quite heavily as a blush and I was shocked at how orange toned it looked on me.  (I was secretly quite relieved!)

What do you think?

Have you purchased any of the 2012 Chanel Summer makeup collection?


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