Model’s Own Golden Peach ~ Sunset Nails Monday Mani


I’ve been searching for Model’s Own Golden Peach since I was 8 years old.  One day my friend and I found her mum’s nailpolish collection, among which was a peach with gold shimmer.  I thought it was the most beautiful colour I’d ever seen and have never forgotten how mesmerised I was by how it looked on my nails (no doubt I applied it beautifully!). 

Ever since it has popped into my head that I’d love to find a polish just like that - and this is it: Model’s Own Golden Peach.  It’s not new, but I’ve only just discovered it.

Model's Own Golden Peach 074

These pics were taken late evening and I’m a bit gutted that they don’t show it in all its shimmering glory - a soft peach filled with iridescent gold shimmer. Like little mini sunsets on my nails. You’ll just have to buy it and try it for yourself!

And just cos I liked it with my new blouse (taken with flash)…


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