Megan Miller Nail Polish Collection ~ Pink Lily


Megan Miller environmentally friendly 3 Free nail polish is made from the finest ingredients.  I couldn’t wait to get my paws on one of these cute little bottles which deserves to be kept on display at all times!


The little round bottle is custom designed and moulded, tied with raffia and the textured cork lid (with gives brilliant grip!) is  printed on top with the feather logo.


Application was dreamy - honestly one of the smoothest I’ve tried. The specially designed brush (sorry I should have taken a pic) gives a great precision and a really lovely finish. I’m not a fan of gloopy polishes and while this one took 3 thin coats for opacity, I’ll take that over two gloopy ones any day.

012 015

It wasn’t easy to capture the tones of this pink, which is pretty much the perfect pale pink I’ve been looking for! I took these pics at the end of a cloudy day when there was little natural light.  Pink Lily is soft and warm with no grey, white or blue tones - delicate but definite and not wishy washy.


I went outside in an attempt to catch the last bit of daylight and managed to nick my little nail en route.  I noticed that this polish is quite soft and does seem to take a while to set, so I’d definitely recommend using a topcoat with it.

Megan Miller Collection

Inspired by the display the peacock portrays when its feathers are in full bloom, it’s available in a really unusual range of gorgeous colours and is exclusive to cutECOsmetics in the UK at £8.95 for 15ml.

Will you be adding one of these to your collection?

ps I started this blog one year ago today - a huge, ginormous thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes - I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me. xxx

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