UK Genie Bra - as comfy as not wearing one!

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Ever get home at the end of a long day and feel you can’t fully relax until you’ve whipped off your bra (and if you’re realllly sensible, pulled on some trackies).  Well, not anymore… hot and steamy it is not, but the UK Genie Bra IS the most comfortable piece of underwear I’ve ever worn. 

Personally I prefer to have some kind of support (as I’m guessing most girls bigger than a C cup do!) but have never found secret support tops particularly err, supportive - and definitely don’t give the most flattering shape.  So for me, Genie Bra is the perfect solution.  If I’m having a comfy day, laying around the house of an evening, or even sleeping - this is just perfect.  It’s wireless, but has great support - and while not exactly glam, it’s not ugly either - bit like a sports crop top really.  Most people wear these as their main everyday bra - and while I have done from time to time, personally I treat it more as ‘loungewear lingerie’ (probably because I’m just used to serious scaffolding!).

Genie Bra is wireless, has no hooks and goes over your head, again a bit like a sports crop top. It’s constructed with special fibres that conform to your shape and do not over stretch or lose shape after washing (I’ve checked!).  Unlike normal bras, sizing correlates with your dress size, from a UK8-22.

These cost £39.99 for a set of 3 at - which includes white, black and nude + 6 removable pads. (I find that mine is more supportive when I keep the pads in, despite not needing extra padding!) If you have any questions you can tweet @ukgeniebra who are very  friendly & helpful!

I Dream of Jeannie Poster

Anyone remember I Dream of Jeannie  I loved it so much when I was little and thought Jeannie was the most gorgeous woman ever!  Totally unrelated, the Genie Bra name just reminded me of it!

I was sent this bra for review and will totally repurchase.

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