Peptalash Two Week Trial ~ Before & After pics

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Peptalash is the newest eyelash serum on the market, promising the longer, thicker, fuller lashes that most of us dream of.  Its 3 active peptides have been subjected to 3 in-vivo clinical studies, where lash length was shown to increase up to 43% and diameter by 40%; almost three times the volume.


As the owner of blonde, fine, shortish lashes I’ve awaited the arrival of Peptalash with great anticipation!  I’ve used alternative lash lengthening products in the past and achieved quite good results, but one of the things that make this product unique is the claim of results in as little as two weeks!

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Peptalash is a creation of Indeed Labs, most recently renowned for the development of Nanoblur, and claims to darken the lash line as well as boosting the lashes…

“For Peptalash, we used a patent pending
peptide which naturally boosts the
pigmentation process of the skin on
the lash line. It stimulates the melanin
production in the skin leading to a more
intense and dark lash line”
                                                                                     Dr. Adel Rammal, Indeed’s Chief Scientific Officer.

 Peptalash review


The product comes in a dinky black bottle with a long, slim handle and couldn’t be easier to apply.  You simply stroke the supersoft brush along the upper & lower lash line each morning and night… takes 30 seconds and didn’t cause my (rather sensitive) eyes any irritation at all.

So does it work?

Let’s get real… I’m not gonna look like I’m wearing fluttery falsies after a fortnight, but there is a definite physical difference in my lashes. I started to notice a slight change after just one week, though I thought I must be imagining it; after two I could see a subtle but definite difference.  I’m disappointed that the photographs don’t show this as distinctly as I see it when applying mascara or scrutinizing in the mirror. 


Two Week Test: Before & After Pics

IMG_1709 IMG_2065

I’ve grouped each before & after pic side by side, starting with bare lashes, which are clearly pretty pathetic without mascara!  I’ve worn mascara for the other pics so that you can actually see them!  I’ve tried to replicate the same lighting, angle and amount of mascara (used same one) as possible in order to show true results.


image image

The side angle is ever so slightly different in these shots and I’m raising my brow in the after shot (sorry!) but while it may not be a WOW difference, I can definitely see more density in the length and number of lashes.



A visitor arrived just as I was applying mascara for the After shots, so it wasn’t as meticulous as I’d hoped and I’m not sure if I coated the tiny lashes at the inner and outer corners of my eyes… I have noticed new lashes in these areas, which makes quite a difference to how my eyes are framed if I take the time to define them with mascara.

So that’s how my lashes look after two weeks of twice daily application of Peptalash.  I genuinely do see an increase in length, thickness and number of lashes, which in the past has taken 4-8wks to achieve with similar products.  I’ll report back with more pics in another couple of weeks - or when I finish the bottle - as I’m assuming there will be continued improvement. Fingers crossed!

Peptalash costs £24.99 for 5ml instore or online at


What do you think… have you tried Peptalash?


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