St Patrick’s Day Nail Polish ~ you choose!

A bit of a fun post and my first delve into nail art.  Lesson no.1 - buy a fine tipped brush before attempting any more!  St Patricks Nails

Earlier in the week I decided to do a St Patrick’s Day mani, just for fun. Today the girls at said they would do a post of people’s manis on their blog and to tweet them pics, so I got out my nail wheel thinking I’d try a few options - how hard can it be? Errr…. fiddly or what?! I’d like to add at this point that I normally have pretty good artistic ability, but with a nailpolish brush, nail wheel and two small children at my ankles - um… this is what I came up with, squiffy shamrocks & all!


As you can see, I was a little indecisive. I’m going out tomorrow night and would like to have pretty nails.  Whichever option you guys like the most I’ll paint on my nails tomorrow and do a nail of the day post. Just leave a comment below or tweet me @Strawbry_Blonde


These are the polishes I used to achieve the different looks - if you want any more details please just ask.

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