Mother’s Day Flowers by Sephora & a few treats

Happy Mother’s Day to my mummy followers. This letter from my little girl, Amber, is by far the loveliest Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever had - it’s on the fridge at the moment but it will be framed…


We’re going out for a lovely lunch today, but I just had to do a Nail of the Day post with Sephora’s ‘Mother’s Day Flowers’ polish first! I picked up this polish at Sephora in Singapore at Christmas.  It’s a very wearable deep puce, very glossy, a bit gloopy in application, but Orly Polishield came to the rescue!


It just happened to tone in well with the flowers in my garden this gorgeous sunny morning (I told you it’s always sunny in Belfast!) - just look at that blue sky!


I like this colour as it’s bright but very wearable and not too in your face.


It comes in this cute little mini round bottle and is incredibly pigmented. I could have got away with one coat really but I never feel happy unless there’s two!


And last but most definitely not least, my 4 year old got me home this gorgeous little pot of yellow primroses. He made the dragonfly himself (there were two but one flew off apparently).


Have a lovely day everyone!

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