How Clean is Your Face? ~ Why you should Double Cleanse

I’ve often rolled my eyes at people who double cleanse. I’m proud of myself for doing it once so don’t ask me to do it TWICE!

That was until last week, when I decided to give it a go - and this happened…

double cleanse

These two cotton pads were used for my second cleanse.  The first time I used two to remove eye makeup and three to cleanse my face.  Normally I’d happily toddle off to bed thinking my face was clean, when actually this amount of gunk was still left on it. 

We all know beauty regimes aren’t all about pink and fluffy stuff, but this did gross me out a bit - and I do apologise for sharing the evidence, but I wasn’t sure I’d convince you otherwise.  I’ve tried it with a few different cleansers now (incase that was to blame) and had the same result.

Hands up, I have to admit my skin is looking clearer as a result. The little bumps under the surface of my skin are starting to disappear and I just feel so much better knowing that my skin is properly clean.  (Oh and I did try a third cleanse, just to check. A teensy bit more did come off but I really think that’s a step too far… I just make sure I’m very thorough the second time!)

And let’s face it, what’s the point in adding serums, eye creams and moisturisers on top of a layer of grime; they will all be much more effective on a completely clean surface.

So, will you be double cleansing tonight?

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