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One of the things I love most about beauty blogging is discovering products that I’ve never heard of and being blown away by them.  I didn’t know what to expect from DreamWeave and to be honest was a little sceptical about the claims about its magnet-like formulation that can be worn all weekend or easily removed with cleanser.

DreamWeave Mascara (2)DreamWeave Mascara (4)

I’m guessing the little bits you can see poking out of the tube are the ‘fibres’ though I’m not aware of them during application. I expected this to be like some products I’ve used before where little flakes of visible fibres cling to the lashes (and get in my eye) but it’s not at all. It applies smoothly and easily, like any normal mascara.

“Dubbed as ‘Eyelash extensions in a tube’, a silicone formula coats each lash with a fibre wrap, giving the wearer dramatically longer and a completely smudge free flutter. The new-generation, flexible wand sweeps through lashes effortlessly, instantly creating a false lash effect.”

DreamWeave mascara

The wand is just the right thickness for me… it never clogs or smudges. My lashes stay soft and glossy all day, not crispy or clumped. The mascara gives great definition but not an OTT false lash effect. My lashes are pathetic naturally… white blonde, super fine, not very long. This makes them look lush, thick and long… for me at least!

DreamWeave Mascara (6)

I’m just wearing one coat in these pics - what do you think?  I hadn’t curled my lashes either, but when I do, DreamWeave holds the curl really well - and can be built up for a more dramatic effect. As ever, I took these pics on a whim - otherwise I would have curled lashes, styled hair and worn some lipstick… but this is how I wear it day to day and I love the natural-but-better effect.

Oh and it’s easy to remove, which is a huge bonus for me… it comes off in little bits, rather than a big black smudgey mess. Bonus!  In the name of research I did try leaving it on overnight (apparently it lasts up to 3 days) but didn’t enjoy this experience and couldn’t wait to remove it in the morning!

DreamWeave Mascara (5)

In the pic below I’ve applied two coats, as requested by the lovely Vanessa - hope you like!


DreamWeave is available online from wrinkleregime.com and priced at £12. It performs

as a much more expensive product and hasn’t decreased in effectiveness in any way after several weeks of use. 

Do you like the sound of DreamWeave?


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