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This picture was taken one month ago today from my balcony in Singapore and looking out the window at today’s grey skies it’s hard to imagine being back there. Perhaps a strange time of year to blog about sunscreen but some of you are reading from sunny climes, others like to plan ahead and others are wise enough to protect their skin all year around.

I’ve blogged about Ultrasun Face before here - it works really well under makeup - and yes I do wear sunscreen in winter *most* days.  This one is so quickly absorbed it’s easy to apply a quick blob before moisturiser in the mornings. RRP is £18 but you can find it cheaper (see my link).

Ultrasun Sports Clear Spray Formula spf30 was a new discovery. The spray was quick and easy to apply and I know this one is particularly popular with men as it doesn’t clog hairy legs or chests and is great on thinning hair, which is a bonus as most men I know have to be coerced into wearing sunscreen!  We spent many hours in the pool on this holiday in intense heat like nothing I’ve ever known - and while this is definitely water resistant, I think a completely waterproof formula with higher spf would be better for a country like Singapore. This one is pretty steep at £26, but it’s worth weighing up the savings from a once daily application.

For children, I much prefer Ultrasun’s Family sunscreen (not pictured here) - it’s a cream formula, which I feel protects their delicate skin more deeply and makes it easier to achieve accurate coverage.  I love that it only needs a once daily application and it’s also suitable for the most sensitive of skins, including babies and eczema sufferers.

Ultralip (£5) is an excellent lip protector with spf15…  I wish more lipbalms had spf as the skin on the lips is so delicate and susceptible to ageing. This balm is fragrance free, contains moisturising blackcurrant seed oil and is effective in all temperatures as well as at altitude.  I’ve been using it at home too and it’s just as good at protecting my lips from cold winds!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… skin damage from UVA (ageing) rays is just as powerful on cloudy days as it is in summer, so please consider introducing sunscreen to your daily skincare routine.

You can see the full Ultrasun range here

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