New Makeup Brushes - Daniel Sandler & Real Techniques


Hello everyone, it’s breaking my heart a little that I don’t have as much time as I’d like to blog at the moment (the perils of being a work-at-home-mum!), so I’m sneaking in to give you a quick look at my new makeup brushes while Mr SB isn’t looking!

I’ve been feeling the ‘need’ for these beauties for a few months now and finally succumbed! I bought the Real Techniques Stippling brush from Cocktail Cosmetics for £10.95, which I think is pretty reasonable for a quality makeup brush.  It’s as much as I can comfortably afford to pay for a single brush to be honest!


Delivery was super quick and it arrived nicely packaged like this…  I’ve never used a stippling brush before, so it’s been a learning process the past few days and I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I’m mainly using it to apply foundation, and will do a full review of how I’m finding it very soon. 


View from above - check out how soft and fluffy it is!


I also got the Daniel Sandler Waterbrush as part of my Escentual order, which I placed Thursday afternoon and received Friday - amazing service as always!  This was reduced from £15.50 to just £5.00, so it would have been rude not to!  Sorry that you can’t get a great view of it here, but it’s a super smooth angled brush, very densely packed and again, incredibly soft on the skin.

I’ve been using both of these to do my makeup since Friday and it’s been fun using new techniques.  The waterbrush works brilliantly with my Daniel Sandler watercolour blush (naturally, they are meant to be used together but I didn’t expect the brush to make such a difference!) - I’ll do a review of how they work together in a separate post.  Daniel tweeted me to suggest other ways of using this brush, so of course I’ll be sharing his secret tips with all of you!

Wow this has been my quickest blog post ever - and it’s just occurred to me that this is exactly how blogging is actually supposed to be done, as opposed to my usual rambles!  :)

I hope you’re all well and I’ll be back to blogging with a vengeance in the next few days - I’ve got so much gorgeousness I can’t wait to share with you all!

Do you have either of these brushes and do you enjoy using them?

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